View Full Version : 7 Day Lodging Sale 20% OFF all multi night bookings May 1st to June 15th Millinocket

01-24-2016, 12:50
Greetings South Bounders OR sectionals! We are happy to offer a 7 day sale here at the Katahdin Cabins - pretty simple - 20% OFF all multi night stays checking in anytime from May 1st to June 15th. Must stay more than 1 night - must book by Sunday January 30th. Our small cabins sleep no more than 1-3 people - our large cabins sleep no more than 5 people. Fully furnished, private bathrooms, mail/ups/fedex drops no problem. Mini fridge, microwave, color tv with cable/NESN, heated too! Any ???? just let us know! Why bunk or tent it with these prices!


01-24-2016, 14:38
Sorry folks - lack of info there huh? Our business/website is www.katahdincabins.com - located right here in town Millinocket - about 1/3 mile from the AT Cafe - we offer complimentary mountain bikes too - our number is 207-723-6305 - we ENJOY meeting/getting to know the thru hikers AND their families - we SINCERELY APPRECIATE your business when you choose to stay with us and also share your trail tales too! WELCOME!