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12-14-2005, 16:17
I am building a new combination alcohol/wood burning stove. My plan is to use wood as the primary fuel, and the alcohol as a backup.

The last back country permit that I have from SNP says no fires except in the fire rings. So, would my cooking stove burning wood be considered a "fire" or a stove?

the goat
12-14-2005, 16:37
it would be considered a fire. i doubt anyone would give you any ***** a/b it though. you would almost certainly receive a warning first at any rate.

12-14-2005, 16:40
its considered a stove - what the rangers call an open fire is one that is directly on the ground - the fire rings they are talking about only exist in picnic, fee camping areas, AT huts (aka shelters), and PATC cabins - a fire ring you construct does not count

SGT Rock
12-14-2005, 16:54
If it is alcohol/wood, then just burn some alcohol if you have to.

12-14-2005, 17:00
I would love to see pics of this. How much wood would it take to boil water for dinner and are we talking twigs or logs?

12-14-2005, 17:14

I'll post a picture with some fire shooting out around the pot. The plan is sticks about 1/4 to 1/2 inch diameter and about 6 in long. No logs.

Part of the project is how to use the wood. Someone else has a plan that fills the stove with wood -pencil diameter-and burns from the top down. The alternate is to add wood as needed-that's my plan.

Biggest problem so far is controlling the draft as ashes build up in the bottom. This will be design no. 3 for me--this time I think I got it right!!


12-14-2005, 17:53
:banana Awesome...What a good idea!! Def saves you the weight of alcohol and spares you from the issue of resupply.

Rain Man
12-15-2005, 10:56
... This will be design no. 3 for me--this time I think I got it right!!

Well, you know why WD-40 is "named" 40, don't you?!!! LOL You've got 37 more designs to catch up with those guys, so don't fret.

We'd love to see some pics and a description of your stove and its operation. Sounds like a neat idea, if it works.



12-15-2005, 20:53
Why would you cook? You can just eat out!

12-19-2005, 12:45
Good news for wood stoves :banana

I think this is all we need to know....

My question:

I want to know about cooking stoves in SNP. I have one that uses liquid
fuel and another that uses alcohol plus small pieces of wood. Are these
permitted in the SNP.

The reply:
Liquid fuel and alcohol stoves are permitted in SNP. Stoves that use very
small twigs, leaves or pine needles are allowed if the fire is contained
within an enclosed can (such as the Sierra Zipstove). If you need any more
clarification, feel free to reply with your questions.

Melissa Rudacille (filling in for Sandra), Ranger
Shenandoah National Park