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01-30-2016, 12:08
Hello, all,

I'm trying to see if "real" backpacking (longer than a weekend + Monday holiday) is really my thing. Does anybody know of any loop trails in Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, or Alabama of at least 100 miles (up to around 300-400 miles)? I don't want to worry about shuttling or anything, and do not like retracing my steps, so a nice 100+ mile loop would be great! Thanks in advance!

01-30-2016, 12:13
http://www.blueridgeoutdoors.com/go-outside/hiking/grain-s-l-t-southern-appalachian-loop-trail-almost-reality/ This is about 350 miles, I've done most of it, there is a small section with no trail.

But there are so many trails in the area that could be put into a loop. Also, retracing steps is not so bad - it's seeing the trail from a whole new perspective!:)

Vegan Packer
01-30-2016, 17:41
Look for Graveyard Fields to Sam Knob Summit in the western part of North Carolina. That is good for four or five days of a loop, though some of it overlaps in the middle when you are returning. Lots of alternatives, but some of the areas are not so well marked and can be overgrown.

01-30-2016, 18:01
bmt-at loop in the smokies.

01-30-2016, 18:19
It isn't a loop trail but end-to-end: Foothills Trail. I love this trail and there are a number of volunteers who will provide shuttles for a donation. It is perfect for a beginner in my opinion and would be great in late winter or early spring. I hiked there last February. The shuttle isn't a big deal at all. http://foothillstrail.org/

01-30-2016, 18:21
Noticed that you want 100 miles ... Foothills is ~80 miles but the Cesar's Head alternate and some of the side trails could probably get the total miles hiked up to an even hundred, I think.

02-01-2016, 11:51
You may want to consider the "Georgia Loop," a combination of the AT, BMT, and Duncan Ridge Trail: http://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/showthread.php?t=72688

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