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02-03-2016, 17:09
Somebody mentioned don't be too afraid of the 100 mile wilderness as a newbie.
My son will be heading back to school 100 miles north of NYC early June. I'm also a cyclist and have been looking at a down and dirty touring bicycle, Trek 920. I'm thinking of taking off on the bicycle the day after he leaves probably 3 weeks to get there on bicycle. At 1st was thinking getting home a bit of a different route. So here's the dream.
Leave the bicycle with him so he can get around town. Ship my hiking specific stuff there,pack boots socks not much else. Box up the bicycle specific stuff, leave it there. Bus it up to Katahdin and hike south. Or hike north to Katadin and bus back to NYC. Start JULY 1 or so. Stop Oct 1. bus it to NYC head home on bicycle. Or maybe even finish south around Xmas. Or bicycle /hike FL till spring. My niece lives on the Gulf on the end of the panhandle. Hell do 2 months in Cuba or thereabouts. Then head home or even somewhere else, ???
One more beer and then it's nap time!!!