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Thumper 2006
12-16-2005, 15:19
I am thinking about purchasing this sleeping bag. Can anyone give me any info on this bag, i.e. pros and cons of it. I am 5'7 and weight around 145 and it sounds like i would fit in this bag properly but I want to make sure I am not wasting my money on it. Durability questions also, is this a pretty tuff sleeping?

The Will
12-16-2005, 16:50
While I cannot comment on the Hummingbird specifically, I do own several Feathered Friends products including two sleeping bags, a down jacket and a fleece farmer john suit.

There is no reason to have any concerns regarding the durability of their products. My Lark has served me on a five-month AT thru-hike and a 4.5 month, 4,600 mile paddling/cycling trip through northwestern Canada. The bag is no worse for the wear and their is no sign of any lost loft.

12-17-2005, 03:05
Feathered Friends certainly makes quality stuff, there's no doubt about that. I go down to their store sometimes just to hang out...nice guys (and gals). Other manufacturers make lighter stuff though, so you may want to check out Western Mountaineering and Marmot.


12-18-2005, 21:20
HEY, i have a feathered friends Hummingbird and have had it since 96 when i bought it for the PCT. I have now slept in this bag for 4 thru hikes since then plus 2 trips to Nepal and the Pyrenees in 99. I still sleep in it although now if i was going to do another thru, i would get another one because it is losing loft big time and the zipper is starting to stick. But i bet i've slept in this bag at least 700 times!
I love it and would buy another one.
To me, a sleeping bag has to fit like a pair of shoes or gloves. If there is extra room in it, you lose efficiency because you have to heat up that extra room.
I am 5'10 and weigh about 150. The bag is rated at 20 deg. and used to be ok at 20 though anymore it would be a 30 degree bag or even 35 cause it is getting thin.
I washed it about 15 times since i got it. It's all good. go for it.

12-18-2005, 23:07
Sounds like a good choice.
The FF Osprey, that I used the last two years, is listed as the exact same weight as the Hummingbird, but probably a less popular choice. The Osprey is only rated for 30 F but is slightly larger girth than the Hummingbird. There are 4 bag sizes with the FF 20 F rating. Buying the smallest, you are going against the grain. None-the-less, I think you are small enough and can justify a tight fit for carrying less weight for a lot of miles.

I chose the 30 F bag so it would be more comfortable in summer. A nearly full length zipper is an important feature, so the Marmot bags are out for me. I used a silk liner which extends the temperature range in both directions. I also had sleeping cloths during April. The liner also helps on keeping the bag clean.

For the PCT, CDT or the AT outside of the April 1 to Oct. 1 sweet spot, I would highly recommend a 20 F rating. If you plan to be south of PA on June 1, you will want a light summer bag.

12-19-2005, 13:43
When I bought my FF Humming bird, it was the lightest one around.That was in 1997 No longer the case, alas.

Has been on two long thru-hikes (AT and PCT), and three shorter hikes (LT x 2, Colorado Trail). Has also been many places in New England, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. Very durable bag...have received my moneys worth out of it. FF and Western Mountaineering probably make the best bags today.