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02-06-2016, 11:05
In 2014 I hiked from Rockfish Gap to Boiling Springs during the second half of April. Great hike and nice time of year on that part of the trail with relatively uncrowded conditions. I want to do another hike this April for roughly the same duration and I'm thinking that maybe I'll add on to the section I did a couple of years ago but I'm not sure in what direction. I could hike from Pearisburg or Roanoke/Troutville up to Rockfish Gap. Or I could hike from Boiling Springs up to Delaware Water Gap or possibly a point further north where I could access public transit. Any opinions on which section might be better for the second half of April? My guess is that some early thrus might have made it into central VA by that timeframe but maybe it won't be too crowded yet? Finishing PA has some appeal as well. Long shot alternative is a Tuscarora Trail thru hike but I'm not sure that I have the inclination to deal with the additional logistics of that trail right now - the AT is just so easy to hike logistically.

02-06-2016, 11:39
You won't find too many thrus north of Damascus in mid-April. A handful, I'd guess. New England is iffy in April but you're not going there. I don't know how long snow lingers on the ridges in PA, but I imagine they could be gnarly with snow and ice. Just my $0.02. The VA section you mention is beautiful, rugged hiking... some nice high meadow walks, too.

02-06-2016, 12:04
Rocksylvania north seems a less crowed section at first glance. The temperatures haven't become too warm yet, 60's as daytime highs which lends itself to ideal hiking weather.
Ironically I ended my northern AT hike in Boiling Springs in 2010 as well and have been looking to advance up the trail a bit further also.
I agree in regards to the Tuscarora Trail while having a certain allure is a more logistical issue than the AT as a whole. Maybe when I retire and run out of trails to hike.:)
Shuttle options from Duncannon are TrailAngel Mary Parry who I used five years ago and highly recommend.

02-06-2016, 12:21
Thanks for the feedback. One idea, although maybe a little longer than I want, is Harpers Ferry to Pawling NY - a train to train hike with Amtrak/MARC to HF and Metro North to NYC. I'm a fan of trains.

02-06-2016, 19:53
I have only hiked parts of this section (Daleville to 501 in PA) but some of the sections in PA get pretty rocky right after Duncannon and I understand it gets way worse. That would be a challenge (but doable) if it is icy. The miles I have hiked south of Rockfish Gap have been beautiful and I haven't even gotten to the " VA triple crown" yet (I should my next weekend section hike) . I would opt for the VA section. Plus you're from VA so knock the home state out.