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12-17-2005, 22:30
How many sets of clothing should I carry?

Jack Tarlin
12-17-2005, 22:56

If you use the Search engine for Whiteblaze, look under "Gear Lists" or "Clothing" and you'll see all sorts of stuff posted which will give you a good idea of the sorts of things people are carrying, and the ammount.

But you'll see lots of disagreement: Some folks insist on three or four pairs of underwear. Many folks don't carry any at all. Most folks bring three pairs of socks. Some carry two. Some folks insist on rain pants or ponchos. Many don't carry any. And on it goes....

As a very general rule, your clothing list will look something, repeat SOMETHING like this:

*You'll pretty much wear the same hiking clothes every day: synthetic T-shirt, shorts, socks, perhaps a hat, and whatever you choose to wear on your feet.

*You'll have at least two pairs of good hiking socks, and maybe synthetic sock liners if you choose to use them.

*You'll have at least one long-sleeve shirt or lightweight synthetic or fleece-type shirt, and perhaps a heavier one as well.

*You'll ALWAYS want long underwear top and bottoms, and you'll want to keep these dry at all times, so you'll have something to change into at day's end.

*You might have some sort of hiking tights or rain/cold weather pants.

*You'll want some sort of raincoat or lightweight storm shell, which will be a protection against wind as well as rain, sleet, or snow.

*For the colder months, you'll want a warm cap and gloves

*You may want to bring a second shirt, which is especially handy in towns; some folks bring a lightweight second pair of shorts as well. To avoid too much sun exposure, many folks carry a lightweight long-sleeve shirt.

*You'll have two or three bandanas which serve all sorts of uses.

And for most folks, this is about it. Keep in mind that you'll start the trip with extra and warmer clothes; you'll probably be sending some of this stuff home when you no longer need it; and you may well be getting it back again as your trip nears completion.

But absolutely, check out some of the "Gear Lists" that folks have sent along and this will give you a better idea of what folks are carrying; how much to bring; what the stuff weighs, etc.

Good luck, and by the way, welcome to Whiteblaze!