View Full Version : Stratospire 1 for Thru Hike

02-12-2016, 12:09
I am considering buying a Stratospire 1 for an AT Thru hike. Anybody have any comments or complaints about this style of tent? Is it better to go w/ more traditional 2 wall tent w/ poles or is not too much of problem to set up guylines on a Tent Pad?

Thanks for the input

Gambit McCrae
02-12-2016, 12:12
I have the strao2, and have used it for over 1000 miles, I love it. It is versatile, roomy and bombproof from hail to snow so far. For the little extra weight I would go with the 2...

02-12-2016, 17:48
Thanks for the reply. I have been looking at the 2 as well.

03-04-2016, 19:22
Hi Gideon85,
you are welcome to contact me directly at [email protected]
I have used the SS2 on several trips (both as a solo and as a two person shelter) the 1 is very similar, just a bit smaller footprint.(I have only fiddled with the 1 in my backyard)
Incidentally because the structural part for those two is the same (poles and struts) the SS1 is a bit stronger (less fabric to support)
Not a noticeable difference normally but could come handy in very strong winds.
(providing that it is set up correctly, something that these types of shelters need to...)