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01-26-2003, 13:51
As a few folks in this area have alluded to, there aren't really any good sources for information about where you can -- or should -- set up a tent along the AT. Me and three other guys will be hiking the Ga. trail from Amicalola Falls to Neels Gap in mid-May, and I'm trying to plan logical stopping points for each night. Any source of info I can turn to to know where we can legally pitch a tent at night?


SGT Rock
01-26-2003, 14:02
You can pitch anywhere along the AT leagally, but there are some side trails where it may be a problem. There is also a section before Blood mountain where you can't make fires, so that may or may not bother you.

One place I will say you should look for a site is Long Creek Falls. There are a lot of overused sites there, but I bet if you were to cross the creek you could find a stealth site.

Near Justice creek there are a plethora of tent sites in a place called Hells's Kitchen on the map, but they looked hard packed and overused, and there was even an abandodned tent that looked like it had a pole failure there. Looked like someone was ill prepared and had a bad trip when I saw it. That was in 2001, so I'm sure it is gone now ;)

Another spot is near Blackweel Creek Bridge. There is an overused tent site right by the bridge, but if youare northbound, then right after you cross the bridge, there is a hill on your right up in the rotedendron (sp?) and laurel. If you go up that hill, there is an old road up there that is out of site of the trail and is good and level for a tent. I was using a hammock so I set up right next to the creek which is on your left after you pass the bridge.

After that, I can't remember any good sites until north of Neels Gap. But that doesn't mean there aren't any.

01-27-2003, 09:26
Long Creek Falls is very nice and not too far past Stover. Depending on how long you like to hike each day, it might make a good place to stop on night 1. Justus creek is very nice, lots of spots, pleasant flowing creek. You could reach it from Amicalola in a day. If I recall, it is about 4 miles south of Gooch Gap shelter. Slaughter Gap, just before Blood Mountain, is very nice as well. I think there is a (camp) fire ban here. There are a few small springs/creeks near by, where people who are staying on top of Blood get their water, which they then have to haul up. I think there is actually a sign at one of them, just before you start the climb, warning that there is no water on Blood. I think it would be in the neighborhood of 16 miles to go from Justus to Slaughter Gap. From Slaughter Gap to Neels Gaps is a relatively easy, short stroll and is all down hill, except for going over Blood.

01-27-2003, 21:54
I walk the trail in GA quite a bit and all of the above is true and good advice. Basically if you are prepared to dry camp you can always find a place, some nice and some just places to sleep. Anywhere there is dependable water you will find a campsite. Some of the nicest palces are on small tops and therefore no water, so just be sure you have plenty of water toward the end of the day. By the way Chris I am impressed, Amicola to Justus in one day is humping! My least favorite part in GA is Hightower to Justus, it's a rollercoaster.

01-27-2003, 21:59
I appreciate all the tips. So what I'm hearing is that there aren't any restrictions on where you pitch a tent along the Ga. portion of the trail, tents are usually pitched near water and that if I want to tent away from water to just be sure I load up on H2O before I set up camp.

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01-27-2003, 22:01
I am not sure if you are asking for camp sites or planned places to camp? If you are speaking of places to stop, I would go with the shelter areas, as there are plenty of tent/hammock areas around them and I would go to---hawk mountain--cooper gap---woods hole---low gap---blue mountain---tray mountain, etc.

If you are speaking of off the way places, I would follow the previous suggestions and add a campsite just before the summit of Cowrock mountain on your right. It has room for MAYBE two tents and has spectacular views ! Make sure you carry water to this site as it has none.

It is around five miles from Neels gap and is a easy hike if you stay at Neal's gap for half or most of the day.

01-28-2003, 04:54
Add Miller Gap, about 4 miles North of Woody Gap, to the list. Good water. several well used tentsites.

There are many others along the way. Most all are well used as is the entire Georgia AT. You might give the Bention MacKaye or the Duncan Ridge Trails a try if you aren't committed to an AT hike. Very fine trails with a good bit of AT included. Give the AT a break when you can down here in Ga. It needs all the help it can get to recover each year after the thru-hiker stampede in early spring.


01-29-2003, 18:07
top of ramrock

Jack Tarlin
01-29-2003, 20:50
Other than the summit of Blood Mt., my favorite camping spot in Georgia is on Cowrock Mt., just a few miles past Neel's Gap. If you pick the right day and the right spot, you can catch BOTH a sunset and a sunrise here, which doesn't happen often. Just make sure you bring enough water for the night.

02-13-2003, 07:19
since just completing the section have to second the votes for a stay on Cowrock....and also Raven Cliffs which is just after Cowrock if NoBo....at least 3 tent sites there with water just 20mins away at Hogpen gap