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The Cleaner
02-15-2016, 18:55
HH has been sold and the new owners plan to open within a few months,as soon as the necessary permits can be obtained.I was hiking south of Allen Gap yesterday and met 3 thru hikers who had just spent a frigid night at Spring Mtn. shelter.Their plan was to spend the night at HH but I told them I called there a few weeks ago and the phone had been turned off.I just called the number listed on the HH web page and spoke with the new owners.They did let the 3 hikers stay due to the weather.Further unexpected guests may be turned away as that may violate state law and possible insurance issues.I gave the owner my phone number and asked him to update me with a possible opening date.FWIW I went on to Spring Mtn. shelter and was greeted to 16* temperature with winds gusting to 30-40mph.Snowdrifts were 1-2' and the trail was hard to find in spots due to the snow cover and a lack of fresh white paint blazes.As for the weather it's supposed to rain in the next few days but winter will be back with more snow forecast early next week.Hikers coming this way can expect snow all the way into April.In March,while it may rain in the valley locations,heavy snowfall is a very likely possibility in the higher elevations.

The Cleaner
02-15-2016, 19:56
I forgot to add this little bit of info.The former Hostel/store(Laurel Trading Post) that was just a few miles south of Devil's Fork Gap is also no longer there.So it look's like those hikers wanting a bed and shower every few days will have to hike all the way to Erwin from Hot Springs with hiker funk unless they call a shuttle.$$

Emerson Bigills
02-15-2016, 20:12
Sounds like high occupancy rate for Jerry Cabin. :welcome

02-16-2016, 13:39
I had a great stay at HH during a huge snow storm in 2012 I believe. Their tea/coffee selection, small resupply options, cafe & bunk house was very nice & it's only a 15 minute or so walk from the trail.

Berry Belle
02-16-2016, 16:43
Thanks for the update! Was planning to stay and maybe do short term resupply at HH/Laurel later this spring.

Tennessee Viking
02-17-2016, 08:25

The Cleaner
02-17-2016, 09:06
Thanks for the above link TV.I'm still wondering how many hikers have guidebooks or apps that show HH as open.There are actually some hikers that have never used WhiteBlaze.Net. still.:eek:I need to drive up there and talk to the new owners and tell them that it will be another possible record setting year for the number of hikers on the trail.Maybe I can convince them to open early with limited service.

Hemlock Hollow Inn
03-10-2017, 09:54
New owners of Hemlock Hollow are Russ and Dianna Rosa. The hostel is open with resupply items in store, microwave foods, drinks, etc. Shuttle Service also available. Phone 424-787-1736. Stop by and meet us.

Tennessee Viking
03-10-2017, 16:58