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02-17-2016, 21:33
Hey y'all! I'm Clarity and I finished my flip-flop thru-hike on Dec 7, 2015. Now I'm getting ready to start my job as a ridgerunner working for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy! Yeah!! I'm in training this week and start working in the field Feb 25. I'll be stationed at the Amicalola visitor's center the first 7 weeks, so until mid-April. After that, I'll be a roving ridgerunner north of Neel's Gap. While at Amicalola, come by, let me help you get registered, and I'll happily assist you out with a pack shakedown or anything else you need!

If you haven't already, check out my blog as you plan your hike. I think you'll find some beneficial links/articles if you spend a few minutes clicking around. If you like it, click the follow button at the bottom and get notified of new articles. I have several others in the works. :)



02-17-2016, 21:38
Best of luck on this gig, TW. This could be an interesting challenge, dealing with hikers just starting off, in a state of maximum clueless-ness. ;)

02-17-2016, 22:07
I look forward to seeing you on February 28th when I start the approach trail. Good luck on your job. Trail name is safeway

02-17-2016, 22:21
Hopefully I'll get to meet you. I've picked "Tinman" as my trail name. I plan on leaving Springer around the end of April. You can read my story at www.at-tinman.com/my-story (http://www.at-tinman.com/my-story).

02-17-2016, 22:24
Hey liked the blog and good luck on new adventure.Probably catch you around second week of March.

02-18-2016, 01:27
Good luck on your new adventure, and thank you for all you will be doing! Ridge runners rock!

02-18-2016, 09:06
Good stuff. Hope to see you on the way out of Amicalola. Best of luck with the new endeavor.
Ken "Ivan"

02-18-2016, 23:59
What is your women's hiking seminar going to go over? Gf is interested.

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02-21-2016, 09:08
I actually haven't received a schedule yet, but I would guess it will be sometime the afternoon of March 5. I'll let you know when I know. :)