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02-19-2016, 12:04
Okay everybody go to your gear closet and throw away your Sawyer syringe. Or use it for BBQ.
Sawyer now has a threaded sleeve that threads onto the output of the filter and onto a water bottle or bladder. Put on a water bottle squeeze to flush. Screw on the bladder to fill it. Loosen the filter to connector to vent enough air to fill a bottle. I imagine it weighs a few grams. I made something like it a couple of years ago and it works. Their design is much better.
A touring cyclist asked about heavy metals. A Sawyer filter has no effect on them according to Sawyer.
Drink up!! Cheers!!

02-19-2016, 12:29
I assume you are referring to the Sawyer Cleaning Coupling Accessory (https://sawyer.com/products/sawyer-cleaning-coupling/).

That's only going to be usable that those that use the Squeeze. Won't do any good for those of us using the Mini.

And the Sawyer filter won't filter out anything that dissolves in water. At that point, you're talking about stuff at the molecular level.
The Squeeze and Mini can filter stuff at the protozoa level (bacteria), but not at the viral level (and the molecular level is obviously an order a few orders of magnitude smaller than a virus).

02-19-2016, 13:05
A carbon filter can b used after the Sawyer. I use a Brita water bottle filter.


02-19-2016, 14:14
Thanks, I added one to my Amazon cart.

02-19-2016, 15:42
Thanks, I added one to my Amazon cart.

How did you find it in Amazon? I cannot locate it.

02-19-2016, 15:49
How did you find it in Amazon? I cannot locate it.


I just entered Sawyer cleaning coupler into the search bar. Sawyer cleaner coupling didn't get a hit.

edit: possibly backwards.

Casey & Gina
02-19-2016, 16:10
I've been doing this already for months, without that part. I used this kit:

Then added a short piece of tubing to each end, and a male quick disconnect end to each. The one on the dirty end, I use with a Platypus dirty water bag (http://amzn.com/B00AZVMS72), and the one on the clean end plugs into a quick disconnect installed on our bladder hoses, so we can refill our water without opening our packs. Never used the Sawyer bag as I heard they break...the Platypus is higher quality. Also have a quick disconnect fitted to a bit of hose on a screw cap that goes on to a Platypus soft bottle in which I can store extra water when needed. Or, I squeeze that to backflush.

Here's the thing. Neither the syringe or squeeze approach to backflushing are ideal. I am sure the water bottle squeeze method is not ideal either.

I recently bought a Sawyer 3-way filter (http://amzn.com/B0034VR8ES) to try out as I heard it was even better than the regular Squeeze filter. It is, because it has quick disconnect fittings built in to the filter housing, so I don't need the kit mentioned above and it reduces the overall bulk of my filtration system. It included a rubber piece attached to some hose that is intended to use for either filtering water from a tap, or for backflushing. I replaced the long tubing on it with a short piece. It works *fantastic* for backflushing, since you get water pressure on your side. Even though I backflushed my Squeeze filter periodically, I was able to get much better throughput after backflushing it with this for 5 seconds - it is just like new now. So I'll carry that along when I backpack for a long distance, so I can use it when in town. In the field, when necessary, I'll backflush by squeezing the clean water bag like before. Don't really need to backflush that often though unless you are filtering some really dirty water.