View Full Version : Anyone order from Noah Lamport

hammock engineer
12-19-2005, 12:20
Has anyone ordered and been happy from Noah Lamport? I was looking into buying sil-nylon seconds from them. I called and their seconds are only $2.75 a yard. However the salesman was less than helpful or nice over the phone. I guess he was more interested in people ordering 100's of yards vs 10 or 20 yards. I usually try to stay away from companies like this, but their price was about half of what I could find anywhere else.

12-19-2005, 22:02
I've ordered from them, and the silnylon is fine. I don't really remember anything about the ordering experience. Make sure you ask them to ship the fabric off the bolt, otherwise you're paying to ship cardboard.


12-20-2005, 00:20
i've been happy with ordering from them, but try to stick to the silver grey.

A note on silnylon, and an explanation on a trend which has not really been deeply explored by anyone at this point in time. The problem with some colors of silnylon is that they have some sort urethane\silicone mixed coating, and this makes (from what I have tried) seam sealing impossible. As far as I know, this list currently includes dark green, dark (Hen) brown, and White. I know that Silver-Grey is on the “good list”, and I find this to be the most neutral color for tarps, so this is what I use.

The fabric itself is as waterproof as any other fabric, but silicone or urethane sealers will not adhere to the fabric, so any tarps with a seam cannot be made out of that particular fabric. Silver-Grey on the other hand, is very much sealable and works great for tarps with seams.


12-20-2005, 11:02
I ordered 20 yds from them. 10yd gray and 10yds yellow had them shipped "folded" rather than on the bolt. Fabric seems fine so far, which I could say the same about my hems.

hammock engineer
12-20-2005, 13:12
Thanks for the input. I am always a little cautious when ordering from a new company.

I wasn't aware of the coating issue. I'll stick with the silver-grey. I'll see if I can get any more info on the coating and what colors have that.