View Full Version : Zpacks food bag for large pack?

02-24-2016, 16:17
The roll top food bag looks great, I use a Gregory Baltoro 65 . I was just wondering which one to get, does cylinder or rectangular fit better with my pack?

02-24-2016, 16:31
I have the rectangular for use in both 45l and 50 liter packs. Zpacks recommends the rectangular for their packs. If your pack is wide enough to slide a cylinder horizontally, much like a stuffed sleeping bag, then it would probably be ok. If it is going to be inserted horizontally, I would go with the rectangle. You can either roll it into a cylinder or flatten it to optimize space depending on how much it is holding.

02-24-2016, 19:15
I just bought the zpacks cylinder shaped food bag and received it last week. I use an opsak odor proof sack inside and it is a near perfect fit. the opsak is 12.25 x 20 inches. just slightly smaller than the zpacks cylinder. I have not had it on the trail, but just did a test with suffing it full with room to turn the top down 3 folds, and it fit horizontally across my Osprey Atmos 65 so I think it will be a good fit that way.