View Full Version : 2016ers, don't forget to register your hike!

02-24-2016, 21:36
Hey all! Remember to register your thru-hike with the ATC before setting out. It's an important tool for collecting accurate data and it allows you to view a chart to see which start dates are the most/least crowded. By the way, have you considered an alternative hike to enhance your experience? ;)


02-26-2016, 21:37
I started the process of registering but did not complete it because it wanted too much personal information I did not want to give. If you take away the required address line I will sign up

Lone Wolf
02-26-2016, 21:53
there's absolutely no reason to register. just go walkin'

02-26-2016, 21:57
Not everyone who will show up on the trail is on the www. Your data means nothing

02-26-2016, 22:43
The address was so they could send you the thru hike tag. The personal data is pretty self explanatory....they want to compile statistics about folks hiking the trail. Nothing malicious.

02-26-2016, 23:18
registered,,,never heard a thing,or got any tag,,,but did get a letter asking for a donation

02-27-2016, 14:48
Same. Did not get anything except a request for a donation. Made the donation and they said they would send socks or something. Never got that either.

02-27-2016, 20:43
I hate to hear that guys! You should have received a pretty cool hang tag with AT info on it if you used a valid mailing address. :( I'm sorry to hear some of you didn't.

The ATC is an organization on our side (and by "our", I mean AT hikers. We are who the trail was built for!). The data of hikers on the trail at any given times helps the trail crew know where needs are most at certain times of year. For example, there are now new tent pads around Hawk Mt Shelter to keep hikers from arriving to a commonly overcrowded spot and not being able to find a place to pitch a tent. The data helps the ATC know how many people are on the trail, the statistics for each year, etc. Of course, it is voluntary, but for the organization that has preserved the trail on which we thru-hikers all live for several months, I think it's worth giving them the information they need to keep it up. SOOOO much work goes into maintaining and caring for the trail that's about to bring so much to your lives!

02-27-2016, 21:27
"Should have" being the key,I have asked about it three times.The part that is the most irritating is that the real reason they wanted the addresses was to send out the mail asking for donations.

New England Guy
03-21-2016, 18:51
I got my bag tag in the mail today 03/21/2016. If you have not received yours yet, be patient. I'm sure it's coming. On another note, I also got my new ZPacks shelter. Today was a good day! Leaving for Georgia in exactly 2 weeks!!! Getting pretty excited!

Smoky Spoon
03-21-2016, 19:11
I agree and after the threats and some of the comments I received on here, no way am I using my real name on anything or address. I am also not announcing my starting date...
This hike is not about registering, it's about a personal journey.....
No offense meant to anyone but after a lot of discussion with my editor and spouse this information is going to not be made public.
I think it's nice to have some data but really not at the risk of my safety as a woman hiking alone. In the meantime, for all the 2016 hikers of ANY kind, I do wish you the very best hike and be safe.

I started the process of registering but did not complete it because it wanted too much personal information I did not want to give. If you take away the required address line I will sign up

03-29-2016, 07:18
Over 1,100 potential thru-hikers have registered at Amicalola Falls State Park this year. We're seeing about a 20% increase compared to last year this time. Happy, safe, sunny trails everyone!