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Ulster Man
02-28-2016, 12:20
Hi all I'm torn at the minute between these two packs. I like the Exos for the lightweight and slightly smaller pack which should tempt me less to bring extra gear I don't need, but I like the Atmos for the extra pockets/compartments/durability. I've tried both on in a size M with weight for about 20 minutes each and they both fit nicely. The Atmos seems a fair bit dearer at 175 vs the exos at 125 which is a consideration but would pay more if I thought the pack was worth it. Thoughts? Anyone owned or tired both on the trail?

02-28-2016, 12:26
have an atmos 65 that I love so far and plan on taking on a long section hike in late april/ may. didn't try the exos, but ive seen some comments on thru hike videos on youtube that seem to indicate durability may be bit of a problem on the exos but don't know how roughly they treated it.

02-28-2016, 12:41
Use the smallest pack your stuff fits in


02-28-2016, 14:11
Just an observation on durability... I've been backpacking for close to 50 years now and have never even come close to wearing out a pack. My Exos, used extensively for a few years, looks as good as new. So did my Atmos (before I gave it away to my son), after using it for a few years.

What could break and make the pack unuseable that couldn't be fairly easily fixed? You get a hole or tear, voila! A little tenacious tape and it's good to go. you won't break a shoulder strap. you won't break the waist belt. Other straps? easily fixable, or rigged up somehow to be functional.

And surely 58 liters is enough. I remember your other threads on gear, I don't see how you could possible have a problem with 58 liters. If you like the Atmos better, that's fine, but isn't there an Atmos 50? I betcha 50 is plenty. that seems to be a popular size with all but the beginning hikers on the AT. My Exos is a 46, which is plenty for 3-season use pretty much anywhere. My old Atmos was a 50.

So if you find the Atmos more comfortable, and most probably would, get a 50. About a half a KG heavier than the Exos, might be worth it for the comfort. FWIW: I hate the teeny tiny waist belt and pockets on the Exos. I fondly remember my Atmos as being more comfortable.

OR: Even though the company is in my home State, forget the Osprey's and check out a ULA circuit. I've never actually heard anyone disliking the ULA circuit, and it would save you some weight, probably about the same price as those Ospreys. The circuit is about the same weight as the Exos, but would be significantly more comfortable.

02-28-2016, 14:56
Just one more thought, just got an email with an additional 20% off sale items at Campsaver, I assume they ship to Ireland, not sure, but here's a Granite Gear 58 liter pack, on sale for $150, meaning $120 after additional 20% off, use code "clearance20" for extra 20% off:


People seem to love GG packs, but I have no direct experience with them. this one looks to be right at 3 pounds, and has decent reviews.

Ulster Man
03-01-2016, 18:12
Cheers for that Colorado Rob I appreciate the advice as I am still just starting out in Lightweight hiking still gauging what pack size I'll need etc. but this is my just my first lightweight pack so if it is a little small I don't mind buying a bigger one later which I could do. I ordered a BIG AGNES COPPER SPUR UL1 from camp saver almost a month ago but it got stopped in customs and no-one can tell me when or if it'll be released. lol put me off ordering internationally a bit even if it does save me a few $$$ but will definitely consider the Granite Gear though I think I'm sold on the Osprey.

03-02-2016, 09:50
I started out with an Exos 58 on my AT thru hike. The back netting near the hip belt started to disintegrate early on. By the time I got to Hanover, NH the frame was rubbing against my hip and pinching a nerve. I traded it in for an Atmos 65 and finished my hike with it. The Atmos was a lot bigger than I needed but it carries well and is very comfortable for me. I went to the ULA Circuit after my AT hike.

03-03-2016, 22:22
I own both and have carried both, but only short-term 3-4 day hikes. I started with an Atmos 65, use it without the brain attached (drops a couple ounces, don't need the space, and the brain bumps my head if I tilt back). I tried the Exos, trying to go lighter (it does save close to 2lb or so) but found it not near as comfortable. Also dislike losing the small zip pockets on the Atmos (used mainly for water filtering gear) but really for me, the comfort is definitely noticeable.

I'll probably give the Exos one more shot, but I've pretty much resigned myself to the Atmos. Maybe even sell it and get an Atmos50, because the 65 is a ton of space I find I really don't need.

my loadout for the packs was between 16-20lb gear, and around 8lb of food.

I'd say though - if the Exos feels comfortable wearing it for 20 minutes with a load of gear, I'd give that a shot. I can tell the difference just putting the pack on. It could just be my funny-shaped (or, round) body.