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03-01-2016, 00:30

Doing a thru-hike of the AT about a year from now. I have my gear planned out so I can acquire the pieces over the next year.

Are there any ways I can cut weight? I think everything I have here is pretty essential, but I am by no means an expert.


03-01-2016, 01:23
Posting this in four forums isn't necessary for it to get traffic and just kind of gums the works up.

I know nothing about hammock setups so I'll leave that to others. A couple minor things I see:

-If you are not shooting lots of video or some similar battery intensive thing a 16,000 mAh battery pack is huge. I was fine with a 6400 using my iphone for guidebook photos and music, in fact even that was bigger than I truly needed. You're never more than a few days from a wall outlet.

-Far lighter multi tools with a long enough blade for hiker tasks are available. I was really happy with my Leatherman Style, thing it's an ounce and change. I say was happy because the tradeoff is they're really easy to lose.

-If your sleep system and clothing adequate I would tend towards leaving the emergency bivy behind.

-Generally a compass is of little use on the AT but 1.1 ounces isn't much of a worry if you like having one.

03-01-2016, 01:37
Didn't think about gumming up the forums. Went to look to delete the other posts, couldn't find a way to do so. Sorry about that. Kind of a newb here.

Thanks for the advice.

03-01-2016, 15:42
read one of Ray Jardines booksI do see where 2 to 3 lbs could be removed... either by buying lighter or leaving behind I'm not to sure how much feedback you really want. often people say they want feedback but really don't, and honestly a couple of years ago when people told me I could do without this or that I didn't listen to them because I really thought i needed it.. it only been the past year I have honestly been open to the feedback , I still know there are somethings i need to have that others can do without, (poles) I need them for balance i just now use them as part of my tent setup also .

03-01-2016, 16:20
My recommendations:

- Get rid of the matches and firestarter. Replace with a mini Bic and throw an extra in for a spare.
- AT doesn't need a compass really, so I'd be getting rid of that. Only time I carry one is when I'm in unfamiliar country and off well-marked trails.
- Dump the emergency bivy...you have a tarp
- Leave the Kindle and use the Kindle app on your phone. Get a smaller battery charger.

Other than that it looks good.

To brendathompson...I don't think trekking poles are some thing that most people would suggest discarding since they often make it easier to hike.

03-01-2016, 16:28
Underquilt and pad. Maybe switch to a gossamer gear 1/4 in ccf pad. Can be used in the hammock and shelter, lighter than either. Leave the bivy. Gerber multi tool to a leatherman style CS. Jet boil to alcohol stove. Leave the charger and kindle. Phone on airplane mode should last a few days. Aquamira or sawyer squeeze shouldn't be more than 4 oz. A 1.5 oz bandanna instead of towel. A bic lighter and a paper pack of matches should be fine, no need for storm proof and fire steel. Lighter food bag.

These are places I see that you could drop weight but, I don't know you or your hiking style.

03-01-2016, 16:45
I have been told to but yeah thats something I just won't do...

03-01-2016, 16:58
so what i would let go of and change out would be
bivy let go
pillow - let go (can use something else
insulated jacket -change out(there is a montbell that is only 5 0z)
towel - change out
compass - change out or leave home
head lamp - change out (they make a great one for .9 oz
the water system- change out is heavy they make one 3 oz lighter
fire starter and matches- change with 2 small lighters
muti tool- change out
(question what are you planing on eating out of? I do not recommend eating out of the jet boil, i tried that for a trip didn't work real well, I found its a lot better to just use the jet boil to boil water.)
(and i don't see a bear hang, did I miss it?)

I think thats about all i have

03-01-2016, 17:03
For the hammock, I would pick either the underquilt or the pad, don't carry both. I prefer the UQ. Keep in mind, in the Smokeys you may need/want the airpad (if you're forced to sleep in the shelter, which I believe is still required unless it's full) - so might consider either starting with it and carrying the airpad until you are through the GSMNP, or have it shipped to you somewhere a day or two before. Either way - mail it home once you're through there, you won't need it after (if you keep the UQ). Then change out the TQ/UQ later when it warms up for something lighter.

That Gerber is heavy. For 7oz, you could get a LeathermanCS AND a Mora knife, or you could just make do with a 2oz small gerber thing. but I would definitely change that out.

Your water filter looks heavy - a sawyer mini is 1.5oz, and a 2L dirty-water Platypus with a couple SmartWater bottles would be a lot lighter.

ditch the bivy - definitely no need for that

a battery half that size will be all you need, unless you're taking something that requires frequent charging (nonstop video for hours and hours).

22oz is a lot for stove/pot/fuel, but not overly so. if you like the MiniMo (or are going early so that it's still a lot of snow) it may be worth the weight. But can do a bit less with an alcohol stove, pot, coozy. I like freezer-bag cooking so a coozy is almost mandatory for me

Might also reconsider the Osprey Reservoir. 11oz is a lot for a water bag. If you're set on using one of those, there are lighter (think the CamelBak 100oz is 8oz). But - a couple smartwater bottles also work well if you can break from the reservoir.

03-01-2016, 21:59
I was just thinking about it... and i don't see a bathroom kit... TP and trowel