View Full Version : snowshoes, gaitors, 20*bag & Lowe pack?

Spiritual Pillgrim
12-20-2005, 10:55
I did an early spring hike on the AT near Peru, Vermont a few years ago. There was little or no snow where I started but before I got to Peru Peak I was post holing in in crusty crotch deep snow. (I'm only 5'6'', so my legs are a wee short!).
My tentative departure date in 2006 will be around Feb 15th. I know snow depth may be unpredictable, but will snow shoes be a good thing to bring. I figured shoes and/or at least low cut gaitors will help to keep my boots drier.
I slept at a campground in Fancy Gap, Va (elev near 3,400) about a week ago. Night time low was 18. I was in medium weight bergelene (Eastern Mountains sports version of fleece), a 20 degree down bag inside a goretex bivy sack. I was a bit chilly but could have been much worse. Would a 0 degree bag be better.
I've got a Lowe contour 4 that swallows gear but weighs about 7 lbs. I was looking for a lightweight pack with good volume to carry winter gear. i saw a granite gear nimbus (about 3lbs, i think with a 3'300 ci volume) at REI but it looked pretty tiny for the job. Any suggestions on a pack?

12-20-2005, 11:24
There are people on this site that likely can get their winter gear (for GA) into a 3300 ci pack, but I can't. I have a large Aether 60 ~3900 ci, but I still have to use my larger pack in the winter. Note that I don't have any down items, so my synthetics take up a bit of space. It really depends on the type of gear you are carrying and the weight of that gear. Pay strict attention to the suggested gear load of the pack. Overstuffing it will strain the suspension.