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03-01-2016, 16:43
Here is a map mail drop planner. I used a list of maps that I found here on WB and added the mileage covered by each map, weight of the map in ounces, and a town at the beginning of each map(s) where you could receive a mail drop. The ATC has newer maps for Virginia south of Waynesboro but I have the older Virginia maps so those are the ones on my list. I did not list the weight of some Virginia maps because I either don't have that map or don't intend to use it. The towns in bold are the places I intend to receive my drops. It would be great if others would share their ideas for map drops as well. I have tried to be accurate but there are probably some mistakes and I would appreciate it if you would let me know if you find places where I goofed up. My goal is to reduce the number and weight of maps I carry without getting crazy about it.

03-15-2016, 20:44
Similarly, here is the snapshot of a spreadsheet I prepared for mail drops. Using a plan I found on wanderingthewild.com the intent was to remain as close to the trail as possible. Mailing locations can be found column G under the Full tab. You can adjust days to next town based on your hiking pace (and spreadsheet will recalc). Happy to provide this spreadsheet to anyone that wants it. PM me.