View Full Version : Transportation to Springer march 1

12-21-2005, 21:26
I have an AMTRAK reservation Boston to Gainesville that will have me arrive in gainesville on Feb 28 in the morning, for a March 1 start, but I am wondering if anyone from the Northeast (I'm from Portsmouth, NH) is traveling down by car (getting dropped off, whatever) that would be interested in carpooling to share expenses. I'd like to start on March 1 or close to it.

12-22-2005, 20:22
Oh, I Loved the train ride! Bought a cabin, the backpack and I only just fit. I stuffed face in the dining car. I slept. They droped me off in the middle of a one horse town with a old cabbie waiting for me. I paid for the trip to the top. Cost me a bundle. More than well worth it.

01-03-2006, 23:41
im leavin the 3rd to start on the 4th from phila and lookin for a ride in a car. will pay all exspenses and food if you have any info . thanx

Johnny Appleseed
01-13-2006, 00:08
coming from kc, Mo. to Springer approx. April 1 and have room in my truck. i offer a ride for some gas help.

Max Power
01-13-2006, 01:18
I posted this somewhere else, but it seems this may have been the better spot. March 5 I will be leaving from Tampa, Fl area. If this could help someone let me know.