View Full Version : Some IAT (New Brunswick) Magic/help!

03-10-2016, 21:52
If there are any IAT 2016 thru hikers that need help I am here! I am a section hiker who is a short 20 minute drive from Fort Fairfield/Canadian Border. If you need a lift to town to resupply or need some trail magic let me know.

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06-29-2019, 22:15
Hey there!
Very kind offer. I don't suppose I'll need any assistance that early on, but it's always nice to see a friendly face. I went to the AT (starting at HF, ending at Delaware Water Gap) a few years ago and I'm dying to hike long distance again but cannot afford to go to the US right now. I'm starting at Perth-Andover (ride-sharing my way there from MTL, though I may have to hitch a ride from Edmundston) and hoping to finish at Gaspé (or further depending on available funds, but man, the IAT-QC is EXPENSIVE).