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Spiritual Pillgrim
12-22-2005, 18:36
The 2005 Thru Hiker companion does not list Nolichucky Gorge CG & Hostel. Is this place still open? I seem to remember reading a thread where some hostel was removed from some list because it was associated with ALDHA.

12-22-2005, 19:01
I'm the field editor for the ALDHA Companion in the Erwin area and spoke with RJ at NGC&H. It was his wish not to be placed in the Companion over an incident that happened a few years back. Something about the old editor skipping out without paying the fee for his maildrop. We decided to keep them on the local map without a description.

They still appreciate hikers (those that are willing to pay anyway) and the hostel is still open, but it's more or less on a walk-in basis. In '97 when I passed through, it was one of the only places for hikers other than Southern Motel in Erwin and we had a great time there.

Sorry, I don't have the phone number offhand

Spiritual Pillgrim
12-23-2005, 15:26
thanks for the info. same question applys to Rusty's Hard Time Hollow (listed in 2003, not in 2005). Is he still hosting hikers?