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03-21-2016, 22:19
I'm being encouraged by family to get out there to do this. However I'm only 75% crazy signing up for the 75 miles. This will be totally a new experience BUT not new to appreciation for the outdoors and distance running. Wandering around in the woods is part of my forte' being a land surveyor for 25 years...plus a good base for distance running via half-marathons so we r almost good to go. But add sustainability of food, water, shelter for that distance within that time is the challenge! So I'm registered and gearing up.

Congrats to the NCT for hosting....

So looking for some handy advice.. My pack weight with all gear and food is strictly limited to 25lbs plus 32oz. for water. Is this realistic? Not ready for ultralight... I will want some "luxury".. I.e. Bivy tent with bag and pad...already have all this..

Since I'm givin 50 hours, I'll take advantage of every minute - planning breaks, sleep, and adding miles accordingly.

Mostly looking forward to being "out there"..

Still need to purchase a set of treads (foot ware). Any similar to LaSportiva's without the sticker shock? I know with work boots - quality is what you pay for...

Also looking for advice on Coffee.. I'll have an Esbit but instant coffee won't do...

I have 3 overnight hikes in the works prior to this event, so I'll test my systems in advance..


Sorry to say the event is filled to capacity...

03-30-2016, 00:16
Bsurveyor33...awesome event.... Being a fellow WNYer and having hiked a good amount in Allegheny N.F. I've had my eye on this event for several years..Two years ago I was signed up but failed to make it due to a last minute work conflict. I was pretty disappointed having had put on a significant amount of trail miles in the year leading up to the event..I'm glad to hear the event is full being that it has become a successful event,while also being disappointed it has slipped my own radar and not being signed up. I would be interested in teaming up for some training hikes on the course if you would [email protected] one thought I have for you in your pursuit is I would definitely want to travel with quite a bit less than 25 pounds for this type of event. Most of this event will be spent on your feet in motion.I would only carry enough gear to stay dry in your few hours of rest..Anyway it would be great to hear from you ..Best of luck...jerry( not bad)

03-31-2016, 12:56
This looks awesome and I will definitely set a reminder for myself to sign up for it next year!

04-11-2016, 13:25
This is an awesome event (not a race). I came across the post for it last year and decided to give it a try. I will be back this year (100 miles this time) as I was waiting on the registration page for the minute it opened. If you do it, start small. Try the 50 or 75. Get familiar with the trail and get your legs in shape. There is a way to complete this thing (I only got 50 miles done last year before my hips went out from all the mud walking....or slipping) The last two years have been wet and the trail extremely muddy. It is exhausting and you are essentially on your own. When you decide to crap out, you need to find a way back to your car. The NCT chapter keeps a nice trail and they are gracious hosts. It is almost too nice of a trail to blitz through the whole thing in 50 hrs (16+ hrs in darkness). I keep fooling myself into thinking it is easier than it really is. I say 2 mph for 50 hrs. That is a really slow pace. After 36 hrs with 2 hrs of light sleep, I was a zombie.

If you take the perspective that it is a nice casual hike and not a race, you will get a lot more out of it. Challenge yourself because no one else really has the energy after the first night to compete. We are all trying to survive. BTW, pack really light and thank the chapter members for all their hard work.

04-12-2016, 14:07
This event is a challenge to yourself, pure and simple. It does not matter what anyone else does, just you. I have done the 50 mile version, the 75 mile version, and (by giving myself an extra day - 72 rather than 50 hours) the 100 mile version of this event. My advice is to go as light as possible. I really mean AS LIGHT AS POSSIBLE. When I did the 100, my pack weight was about 5 pounds plus food and water. For the 75 it was not much heavier, maybe 6 pounds, as I did bring a small pot and Esbit burner to make a hot dinner. Bring a good headlamp (and extra batteries). For the 75 mile option, I hiked until 2 AM on the first night and right up until dark on the second night. For the 100 mile option, I hiked through the entire first night by headlamp, mostly in heavy rain. It was an interesting night.