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Hammock Hanger
01-27-2003, 20:35
If you are not hiking this summer mid-June to the end of August Camp Regis Applejack in the Adirondack mountains is looking for staff. I will be heading up the outdoor-out of camp trips (backpacking & canoeing) dept. I need 2-3 staff members to work in my dept. If you have the time and the interest contact the camp at: 609-688-0368 or www.campregis-applejack.com Let them know you got the info from me. Hammock Hanger

01-30-2003, 14:00
That sounds like the perfect summer for me personally. The last two years i spent collectively roaming the rockies and the swiss alps and i would like to share that with campers. I am going to look into the opportunity.


01-30-2003, 15:34
Hey HH... what's a matter.. little crumb snatchers don't want to learn how to camp in real weather!!! Just cause it was -35 degrees below zero BEFORE the wind chill in Saranac Lake the other day is no reason not to be out. Just think of the fun they could of had.

Hammock Hanger
01-30-2003, 18:42
Thank God for that little wood burning stove in my room. :)

Hey I would love to snowshoe the Northville Placid Trail with the kids, but the school board has other ideas.

Hammock Hanger