View Full Version : Mountaintop 50L pack - thoughts?

04-01-2016, 12:04
I know there was an older topic on here about Mountaintop packs, but wondering if anyone has had any recent exposure? They also have a 55+10L, but it looks big for me.....



04-01-2016, 18:22
Hi there I got the mountaintop 50 liter pack.


I have about 100 miles or so on this pack thus far and it actually seems like A really nice pack that is well made.
There are a few things I wish was different like the zipper pocket in the front I wish was A mesh pocket instead,and that the side water pockets were just a bit bigger.
But for the price and well construction there are a lot of options that are great.
I just ordered the SMD fusion 50 pack that is on clearance for the roll top and weight reduction.
Although I think when I weighed my pack completely empty it came to roughly the same weight and measurements as the fusion pack. maybe a couple ounces heavier but still under 3 pounds.
All in all it is A pretty good mid sized pack and has done me well thus far.

04-18-2016, 22:55
I owned a mountaintop 50L a few years ago but found them to be uncomfortable after a long day hiking. Dunno might be just me though as I have heard decent things about them. However, I have since switched out to an Osprey also from amazon and am now a much happier hiker. Found a couple of good reviews of them and some other lightweight packs for you. http://www.hikecampsurvive.com/best-lightweight-backpack/