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04-03-2016, 14:21
Starting April 14th. I sleep warm. My sleeping system is a Therm Neoair, 20 degree down bag and liner. I like hiking in shorts. Here is my clothing;

L/S shirt
S/S shirt
lightweight shorts (2)
darn tough socks (3) one pair for sleeping
Nylon running pants or Prana pants
Merino mid weight bottoms
Merino half zip mid weight top
Rain jacket
Rain kilt
Marmot lightweight fleece jacket
fleece hat

What is the chance I could lose the pants and the fleece jacket to start? If its very cold hiking I could wear the leggings under my shorts and the top under my rain jacket. The smart move is to probably carry them both to start (which I probably will) but I would like some different opinions. I know its all about the weather.

04-03-2016, 20:48
Lose a pair of shorts. Everything else looks good

Wise Old Owl
04-03-2016, 21:05
a kilt is a leap of faith... you need to use it in cold weather to see if it works for you PM Cricket.

04-03-2016, 21:06
At some point you will likely want something such as Montane Featherlite or Montbell Versalite pants. These are good because they are light enough to work as wind shells for the legs and also rain pants.

Of course you like shorts, but no reason for 2 pair of 'em. Wash the 1 pair and trade the weight for the very light rain pants. Combined with the leggings, might also be able to ditch the Prana pants. Those lightweight shells are more valuable than you might think.

Also get something like Zpacks low gaiters and you're all set.