View Full Version : LOST- mtn hardware rain jacket w's medium

04-06-2016, 20:12
My fiance, Chex, lost her blue/grey mountain hardware rain jacket somewhere between Hot Springs, NC, and the Hogback Ridge shelter. She loved it and is quite upset at losing it. Woman's medium, light blue zipper, dark blue and grey hooded jacket.

If you find it please contact me at 315-414-1858 or through here. We can figure out logistics.

Thank you so much.


04-06-2016, 21:14
If she's thru hiking or otherwise still on the trail, there's a good chance it will come back to her via someone just behind her.

04-06-2016, 21:22
That was our hope, and I have left notes in the shelter logs, but thus far we haven't heard anything. Frankly, we've been going pretty quickly, so unless we take a zero day in Damascus this forum might be our best bet! It wasn't a very expensive raincoat as far as they go but she loved it.

04-07-2016, 09:06
UPDATE - someone found it. Thanks for reading!