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04-06-2016, 21:57
Hello again WB!

I am getting ready for my annual 2 week section hiking pilgrimage north. I started section hiking the AT in 2014 when I went from Springer to Gatlinburg. In 2015 I went from Gatlinburg to Damascus. The plan for 2016 is Damascus to Daleville. At this rate, I should see the whole thing in 9 or 10 years!

I plan on driving a rental car from FL to TRI airport but I need a ride from that area to Damascus. What is the smart way to find that? Coming off the trail last year I shuttled with one of the bicycle places to the airport. I am looking for the APR 29-30 time frame. I'll either stay around the airport on the 29th and shuttle in in the morning or shuttle in from the airport Friday night and stay in Damascus that night and hit the trail in the morning. Any suggestions?

Lone Wolf
04-06-2016, 23:02
PM me. i do shuttles

04-07-2016, 22:31
I sent you a PM