View Full Version : looking for ice man

12-26-2005, 15:51
hiked with ice man on AT in va in 2005. he summited katadin in august 2005. have missed 2 phone calls and have lost his e-mail (i am new at this computer stuff). would like to get in touch with him and would appreciate help. he is 19, lives in va, started AT in jan and was driven off by weather and restarted in march, started college after hike. help if you can, thanks...cracker

Miss Janet
12-27-2005, 02:34
Could it be Icebound that you met?

Two Speed
12-29-2005, 21:27
Miss Janet

If I remember correctly Icebound looked older than 19. I think there was another hiker in your hostel calling himself Iceman around Thanksgiving '04.

Either way, Happy New Year! :banana

01-01-2006, 20:28
no, he was definately "ice man". we hiked together in va in april and may, he was in sheandoah about may 19th.