View Full Version : Amesville/Falls Village Iron Bridge

04-15-2016, 20:02
The new Iron Bridge over the Housatonic River in Falls Village CT. Has been closed to finish construction that kept the bridge closed for mos of the 2015 hiking season. The 3 mile road walk that bypasses the bridge has been reopened. This closure was expected and is expected to last approximately 6 weeks.
Jim Liptack
CT-AMC Overseer of Trails

Sarcasm the elf
04-15-2016, 21:50
Thanks for the update.

I did the same detour back in 2009 due to rte 7 bridgework, the roadwalk isn't that bad.

04-18-2016, 12:04
ditto, thanks for the update. Hopefully its reopened by Memorial Day weekend, just for selfish reasons as that's when I'll be doing the CT portion of the AT...if not, i'm sure i can survive a roadwalk...

05-10-2016, 18:16
The Iron Amesville/Falls Village Bridge is now open to hikers but not for vehicles until the final inspection scheduled for Monday 5/16. The relocation signs have been removed.
Enjoy the trail.
Jim Liptack
CT-AMC Overseer of Trails

05-31-2016, 10:49
I went across last week and it was open to cars and peds. Beautiful bridge.