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04-27-2016, 17:30
I will be going SOBO leaving early August and hiking to the NY/CT border. I have the AWOL AT Guide but would also like to bring a map to see Blue Blaze trails, surrounding areas, etc. I am thinking about the National Geographic Map but do not want to carry all the maps for this section. My question is; How easy is it to find a map in some of the trail towns? If I just get the first section map would I be able to find the next map when I need it? Thanks!

04-27-2016, 18:02
What an excellent an astute question, I don't believe I've ever heard anyone ever mention that ya could.

04-27-2016, 19:05
Surrender Dorothy. The hiking maps available are a huge mess. Too many rice bowls, too much variety of interests and nobody driving the bus. You won't be happy with what you might find in a trail town. Pursuit of maps will lead to madness. Your best bet will be to purchase the trail maps available at the ATC web page.

show me the monkey
04-27-2016, 22:28
Surrender Dorothy.
lol That's clever really.