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TJ aka Teej
12-29-2005, 09:57
MILLINOCKET -- The Baxter State Park Authority named a veteran manager Wednesday to be the director of Maine's 200,000-acre wilderness park.

The three-member authority unanimously chose acting director Jensen Bissell from about 70 applicants, saying he is a proven manager and has a deep love and understanding of the park and its unique mission. The vote to hire Bissell prompted a standing ovation from park staff, members of an advisory panel and descendants of Gov. Percival Baxter.
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http://morningsentinel.mainetoday.com/news/local/2279696.shtml (http://morningsentinel.mainetoday.com/news/local/2279696.shtml)

Wise Old Owl
11-30-2008, 19:37
Forester Bissell has managed the SFMA since 1986, a time following controversy about abusive cutting practices that had taken place when the Maine Forest Service was overseeing operations. Harvesting was brought to a halt for a few years while the park hired its first staff forester (Bissell) and developed a plan for the SFMA. Under Bissellís leadership, the SFMA received green certification by the SmartWood Program of the Rainforest Alliance and the National Wildlife Federation. After being a drain on the parkís finances, the SFMA contributes about $121,000 a year in revenues from timber sales.