View Full Version : Antigravity gear rain jacket question

05-01-2016, 17:23
Just curious before ordering this jacket if anyone has used it before.
It is 99.00 and weight is 5 ounces.
It has pit zips etc.
Just trying to get any reviews on it that I can before purchasing it.

05-01-2016, 17:34
I have spent way too much on rain jackets. Here's my opinion: if you can't get a second generation Zpacks jacket (the white fabric edition), then go with a Frogg Toggs ultralite jacket or a Sea2Summit poncho. Otherwise, you will drive yourself absolutely mad thinking a $100+ rain jacket will outperform a $10.00 Frogg Toggs jacket.

Btw, I owned an Anti Gravity Gear jacket and sold it 3 minutes after I opened the box and tried it on.

05-01-2016, 18:27
None breathe well so don't waste money on them.

05-02-2016, 07:13
Poncho in the warmer months. Packa all other times. Rain jacket, pack cover, and sometimes shelter (poncho) issues solved. I'll never look back. :)

05-02-2016, 07:52
A friend made one of those for me and it's my favorite jacket. But I'm not sure I'd pay $100 for what's essentially a tailored plastic bag with some features.

One advantage of silnylon over Frogg Toggs is its durability. You'll still have a working jacket after your thru hike. And you'll keep some of your money on-shore, if that's a concern (I'm assuming Frogg Toggs are made elsewhere--I couldn't see that on their site).

After decades of trying, I've given up on "breathable" rain gear. Any breathable membrane has to be clean and dry in order to breathe, and there must be a difference in vapor pressure, which doesn't do much good when you're hiking or cycling in rain or fog.

Sorry, other than having a friend who's good with a sewing machine, I don't have any other options.

05-03-2016, 21:05
Cool thanks for the reply's guys.
I have A sterns packable rain jacket right now that comes in at 8 ounces but have been told what A sweat box it is.
I also have A columbia packable rain jacket that is 10 ounces.
Probably will either stick with the stearns or swqitch to the frogg toggs ul2.