View Full Version : 2016 Hubba NX and Hubba Hubba NX

The Alpine Phantom
05-10-2016, 19:41
Although not mentioned on the MSR website, both these tents now feature 4 new guy-out points on the fly only. One location is at each end of the tent where the 2 small poles and the longitudinal pole meet and the other 2 are at each end of the spreader bar (top of vestibule and top of rear vent). Extra guy-out cord is included for each. This will certainly help stability in high wind. Too bad they didn't include these when the NX was introduced. I added my own a little higher up (end guy-outs) when I bought my Hubba NX and they feature a Velcro to pole connection on the underside of the fly at each guy-out point (MSR's are only on the fly-still better than nothing) and believe me 'IT IS SOLID'.