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05-12-2016, 11:24
This may be a silly question but is Rockfish Gap a town? Does the AT pass through Rockfish Gap or is it off trail?
I will be hiking through this area and need to know if I may need a shuttle.

05-12-2016, 11:32
It isn't a town. It's a "gap" in the mountains. The nearest town is Waynesboro. There are a number of people that will shuttle in the area. Check out the AT Shuttle guide:

Gambit McCrae
05-12-2016, 11:57
It is also directly related to skyline drive, probably the easiest hitching to be had on the trail if you need to be run back up into the park or Front royal etc

05-12-2016, 12:06

As far as shuttles go when you are here

05-12-2016, 12:49
It's only a few miles from rockfish gap to waynesborough, and you pass the outfitter as well on the way into town. You would easily get a cell signal there.
stanimal's hostel does shuttles and is an option if you're staying in town as well. Or there's some hotels downtown, etc. It's a good size town and has a few restaurants and lots of supply options, and a decent but expensive outfitter

05-12-2016, 18:49
Thanks guys!

Gerald Boggs
05-13-2016, 08:13
As has been said, Rockfish Gap is just that, a gap there the mountains. Back in the day, it was a major route to the upper Shenandoah Valley and Western lands. Before the interstate went through, it had a number of hotel/motels, restaurants and a gas station. Alas, all now lies in ruins. There only thing there today is a Kettle Corn trailer.

However, just a few miles below in the valley is Waynesboro. It is hiker friendly, going so far as to provide a free campground to the AP hikers. It's amenities are a YMCA that provides showers. Next to the Y is the library with both WiFi and computers. Next in line is the church hostel, but it's only opened during the crowded portion of the season. Just a few blocks down the street is a Kroger's store open 24/7. Next to it is the Ming restaurant, not very good IMO, but is an all you can eat buffet. Post Office is right behind Mings. There's also a hotel, a couple of laundromats and a well stocked outdoor store. This was listed in reverse order of how you come into town.

Getting into town is easy. As you get off the trail, there is list of "Trail Angels" that will come give rides into town. The list is located on the guard railing as you leave the trail if going Northbound.

Gerald Boggs
05-13-2016, 08:15
Sorry for the bad writing, I didn't see it until I psoted and don't yet have edit permissions.

05-13-2016, 08:25
When will you be there? I am day hiking in to Maupin Field shelter tonight and will be heading out to Waynesboro tomorrow. Planning to offer rides to town anyway.

05-13-2016, 22:15
Huli I won't be on the trail until mid June! Just planning ahead! Thank anyway