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05-13-2016, 10:25
I see this form has been up for a couple months, but no details other than operating times are listed. How much does the service cost, or is it a suggested donation? Also, where is the crossing point you're supposed to be at to leave for NoBos? SoBos? Who runs the service (this may have been mentioned previously)? Are there any stipulations as to when the service is ran, such as rain or high waters? Finally, how many can cross at a time, and is there usually a wait time? Thanks for responding, I'm sure everyone can benefit from the answers!

05-13-2016, 11:39
My first hit on a google search was this (http://www.matc.org/for-hikers/kennebec-river-ferry/).

05-13-2016, 14:08
My first hit on a google search was this (http://www.matc.org/for-hikers/kennebec-river-ferry/).

The article should be must reading for all

05-13-2016, 14:47
My first hit on a google search was this (http://www.matc.org/for-hikers/kennebec-river-ferry/).
Thanks for giving the link.

It is an invaluable service. Growing up on the Kennebec, I can attest to how wild it can be in a moments notice. Not something to toy with, much like Washington's weather.

craig dickstein
05-16-2016, 07:28
The link is 'official', so, many thanks for posting that one. I believe it answers most of the questions that Bladnik26 had.
Other answers:

There is no cost to the hiker; the service is funded by the ATC from several sources.
The crossing point for both NoBos and SoBos is where the Trail meets the River. No chance of missing this. NoBos will clearly see the canoe. The Ferryman will no doubt see the hiker first.
The service is operated by a contractor hired by the ATC. This year it is Greg Caruso of Caratunk.
The Ferry operates rain or shine, high water or low. There is a rare chance that the Ferryman may cancel the service due to extreme and dangerous conditions; if this happen he/she will be at the crossing to explain. No worries tho - to my knowledge such a closure has only happened once (2008) for several days due to record breaking high water levels.
Two hikers and their gear cross at a time. Dogs (cats) accompany their hiker as a third passenger.
Generally, there are no significant wait times. Having said this, the anticipated number of hikers this season suggests that this may change for 2016 - arrive early for a safe and pleasant crossing.
Finally -- the Kennebec Ferry is the only thing like it on the AT. Arrive early, enjoy the River and the incredible scenery it has to offer; bald eagles often fly this section of river.

Hope this helps ...

05-16-2016, 08:59
Other answers: . . . Hope this helps ...
Fantastic addition to the "official" page.


05-17-2016, 07:33
Great info by Craig Dickstein, a volunteer with the Maine Appalachian Trail Club (MATC).

It's worth noting that Craig Dickstein and other volunteers with MATC contribute indispensable help and expertise to the operation of the Kennebec Ferry, as they do to the maintenance and preservation of the A.T. and surrounding corridor lands from Grafton Notch to Katahdin. MATC volunteers are exceptionally modest, so you will seldom hear them touting their own contributions.

Laurie Potteiger

craig dickstein
04-14-2017, 12:36
The 2017 ferry schedule has been posted at http://www.matc.org/for-hikers/kennebec-river-ferry/
Check it out and have a safe hiking season!

04-14-2017, 17:40
I graduated high school with Mike Pilsbury. I hadnt seen him since graduation until we walked down to watch hikers crossing the Kennebec in Caratunk. I sat there trying to figure out what his name was until it clicked. 37 years is a long time.

04-15-2017, 01:08
You should be prepared for a wait. There were about 10 people waiting when we got there (2016 NoBo) and we waited over an hour to get across. Not complaining, just saying.

Francis Sawyer
05-19-2017, 11:17
What color is the ferry.?
Is it a canoe or more like a skiff?
Are the seats cushioned?
Are the padddles wood or plastic?
(If the paddles Are in fact wooden) Is the wood sustainably harvested?
(If the paddles are in fact wooden) What species is the wood?
What color Are the paddles?
What company manufactured the vessel?
How old is it ? ( The vessel)
How old is it ? ( The company)
Who is the pilot ?
Is the pilot nice?
Are snacks provided?
(If snacks Are provided) Are there gluten- free options.