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05-18-2016, 22:59
Curious if anyone else has an Arc'teryx Altra 65 backpack? I have been using either my husband's or my son's Osprey backpacks when we go out and neither really work. We have gone to REI as well as another outdoor store to try to fit me for a backpack and have not found one that fits well at all. I have very broad shoulders for a woman and have tried a huge number from all the various Osprey packs, Gregory, REI to Granite Gear and while one might be ok in one area, it would fit horribly in another. One of the people who was working to fit me told me about the Arc'teryx pack because it is one of the few where you not only can adjust the torso but you can adjust the width of the straps as well. I know it is crazy expensive but I have not read a bad review at all - curious if anyone has any input?

05-19-2016, 02:28
I've never seen anyone carrying that Arcteryx pack on the AT. It sounds like your fit is specific, which means reviews aren't going to be of much help. Have you looked into ULA? They can customize the straps for you. Zpacks may be able to custom fit as well.

05-19-2016, 06:02
Check out the S shoulder straps on a ULA....

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Gambit McCrae
05-19-2016, 08:04
I have an arcteryx altra 65. I have carried it hundreds of miles but due to its weight I just switched to the ula. The arxteryx has become just a winter fun trip lugger for the bigger and extra gear for a casual low mileage winter hike. I think it weighs around 4 lbs or so