View Full Version : Which Ultra Light Pack? G4 or P1?

12-31-2005, 18:40
I'm considering these 2 packs:

Gossamer Gear G4

Anyone with experience with either of these? What do you think? I have a GG Vapor Trail and a Katahdin. I like the Vapor Trail better, but would like to go a little lighter. I usually carry around 30 lbs.

Any comments would be appreciated.

12-31-2005, 19:22

ULA no longer has the P1 on their product list;
you would have to look elsewhere to find one
for purchase.

I recently ordered the new ULA Conduit and
was notified that they will not start shipping
until sometime late Jan. 06.

I will post a short review when I receive my
new Conduit.


12-31-2005, 20:23
The G4 is lighter, but I don't think a 30lb load would be appropriate for it. The P1 is no longer in production, but a used on or its new model successor would probably be a good match for you.

I would also put a Six Moon Designs Starlite on your list to consider. It has a weight comparable to the P1, but a pretty wide adjustable load range.


12-31-2005, 20:40
I don't know about the P-1, but I have the P-2 and love this pack. It rides very comfy. I typically carry 30 to 35 pounds and it feels like nothing in this pack. Highly recommend it.

12-31-2005, 21:38
I also have a P-2 (now called the catalyst, I think) love it. It's the most comfortable pack I've owned and the features are really practical (I especially like the hip pockets). I also like the fact that you can customize it with different options. I got the hydration sleeve and inner mesh stash pocket. Probably the bes thing is that It's big enough for winter camping. I used to use a Gregory Whitney which is over 7 lbs.! The P-2 shaved over 4 pounds off my winter carry weight!

12-31-2005, 22:41
I used a G4 for my thru hike last year. I really like the pack and was happy with it on the thru and other hikes. Whistler is right though in that it's not great when your pack weight gets up around 30 pounds. Starting my thru hike my loaded pack weight was near 20 pounds, but as I lost body weight and carried more food the pack weight got up to 30 pounds. At 20 or less it handles the weight super, but it puts more weight on your shoulders up towards 30 pounds. I received a new pack for Christmas. It's another pack from Gossamer Gear, this time the Mariposa. For just a couple of ounces more, it should handle the weight when my pack is heavier than normal.
Scorpion GA-ME 04

12-31-2005, 22:50
I have the Gossamer Gear G4 and I like it a lot. I usually carry about 25 lbs in it but have carried over 30 lbs at times with no problems. I do recommend that you get the optional foam insert or use some of your own to provide some stability and serve as a frame.

12-31-2005, 23:36
I should have said I can get either pack used.

I have tried the Starlight, but that was before I knew how to pack a frameless. I didn't like it at the time and returned it before using it. Now I wonder if I'd feel the same...

I'm also considering the Mariposa and the new ULA's too. But, the used packs are cheaper.

I started with a Gregory Makalu, so my Vapor Trail is a big improvement in weight. I really like it, but am always looking for something lighter, but just as comfortable. I've been interseted in the GG and ULA packs and followed their development.

Thanks for all the input. Any further comments are welcome as well.

01-01-2006, 18:53
I have a G4, and would not recommend carrying 30 lbs. in it. It may be the perfect pack for someone with a bulky synthetic sleeping bag (the bottom of the pack is oversized). I carried gear for my son and myself on a week long trip in Maine. I had more fresh food than I usually carry and extra fuel to cook it. My starting pack weight was slightly less than 28 lbs. It was ok until I used up most of the food, and the lack of volume (and compression straps) made the pack weight hang off my shoulders, and there wasn't anything I could do to get it onto my hips.

01-05-2006, 01:03
jasonklass...Did you happen to check out the Osprey Aether 60 too? I'm torn between it the new ULA Catalyst. Both beat my 7lb Gregory Lassen...still a good pack though...just need lighter...Thanks.

01-05-2006, 15:43
Got to try them and see which works best for you.

I have a P-1. Absolutely the best pack I've ever had. Does a great job carrying a full load. I had an eight-day trip through Massachusetts this fall and carried food for about the whole way from the start. Starting weight was about 34 lbs, finishing weight was 21 lbs and the P-1 felt great the whole time.

The only thing I don't like about it is that the top and side compression straps attach to the front of the big mesh pocket instead of the pack body. That makes it tough to get to stuff in the pocket when the straps are tightened. It also compresses what's in there, which you often don't want, especially when you have stuff back there drying out.

I modified mine to attach directly to the pack body, which was very easy and works great.

I did not order the hipbelt pockets. I know, I'm a fool. I'm ordering a new hipbelt from Brian this week.

01-05-2006, 20:52
jasonklass...Did you happen to check out the Osprey Aether 60 too? I'm torn between it the new ULA Catalyst. Both beat my 7lb Gregory Lassen...still a good pack though...just need lighter...Thanks.

I did. Actually, I have an Osprey Ceres 38 that I use for long snowshoeing trips and I really like the straightjacket compression system. Osprey's suspension tends to fit me well; however, the ULA P-2 is lighter and has more capacity than the Aether 60. Plus, you can't beat those hip-belt pockets. I like them so much I wonder how I ever got along without them. Another thing I like about the P-2 is the lack of a lid. I'm really getting into lidless packs and that's one of the reasons I use my P-2 and Golite Jam more than some of my other packs. Those 2 packs handle all of my solo summer and winter backpacking. The only time I pull my Gregorys out anymore is if I'm going out with other people in deep snow at hight altitude or if I'm going on a short hike and want to live it up and carry a lot of luxury items. I suppose I mostly keep them around because they have some sentimental value.

01-07-2006, 02:27
Thanks for the insight jason...you have helped edge me toward the ULA, is it 2007 yet? :)