View Full Version : Deal on Permethrin

05-21-2016, 09:36
A FB buddy just alerted me that Sawyer has 24 ounces of permethrin in the spray bottle for fifteen bucks on Amazon. No kickbacks or affiliate links for me, just go there and look it up yourself if you need it. That's a great price.

05-21-2016, 17:02
I have seen it at our local wal mart store(I know im not a fan of wal mart either :p) for 9.99 for A big bottle,but even better recently while in the dollar tree I found in the pet section tubres that you put on your dog like you do the other flea medicine type stuff that is 45 percent permitherin.
The sawyer I had seen is only five percent permitherin,so naturally I bought A bunch of it and diluted it down to around 10 percent and have alot more of the tube packs for in the future,
It took me about three tubes to do A 6 ounce squirt bottle(from the dollar tree as well).
Just diluted it down in water and shook well.
Seems to be good.