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05-21-2016, 11:13
Was hiking down the South Kaibab Trail on 10 May 2016 and bumped into the young man in the picture. My USMC buddies and I were there for a few days hike, our first time and ran into this guy. Tough trail to decide to hike out of the Grand Canyon as there is no water on this trail. I asked him what's up and he told me he was riding his bike on the AZT (didn't even know of it as I'm from FL) but could not ride in the Grand Canyon. Very motivating to see this while at the same time thought it was kind of crazy. Hope it went well for him as we were about 2/3 down at the time...



Uncle Joe
05-21-2016, 11:52
I don't think you can ride through the Canyon. I provide audio support for an annual bike packing race on that route, the Arizona Trail Race. Racers do the entire length self-supported. When the reach the rim they disassemble their bikes, pack them on their backs, and hike across the canyon. They re-assemble on the other side and finish the race.

05-21-2016, 12:15
There are alternate routes of the AZT for mountain biking if one wishes to ride the entire AZT length. Easier in some ways and shorter to hike a bike across G NP instead. Ever see a person carrying a pack raft, mb, and backpacking set ups? Seen it in Utah.