View Full Version : High Point STate Park, NJ

01-28-2003, 20:14
Spent several hours Cross Country Skiing in High Point STate Park today. Weather was about 18 degrees, overcast, with gusts to perhaps 10 MPH. Snow cover was great.

There have been 2 nasty ice storms this winter, and there are downed limbs and trees everywhere in the park. I am certain the trail is blowdown city as the maintainers probably don't get out that often in the winter.

By the time the thru-hiker herd comes through in June & July the trail should be plenty clear. Take note of all the damage to the Oak Trees & Pitch Pines however. It should still be fairly evident this summer. And.... you should have no trouble finding wood for a fire with all the downed trees.

01-28-2003, 20:29
I am not sure if mid-November is considered winter yet :) but there was an amazing ice storm at the NJ highpoint the weekend of Nov 16-17 this past year. I was there to attempt the NJ highpoint and we had to leave without doing so because of the danger of falling ice. It was a very strange feeling being there. The storm had hit only a small area but it weighed the HUGE trees down and it was beautiful . . . This post just made me think of it . . .

04-04-2003, 22:22
I know it is a little late but I just joined this forum. Anywat the AT in High Point has been cleared of the ice storm well before the snows hit. all the maintainers pitched in and got it cleared within 2 weeks. Everything is in great shape