View Full Version : 20 miles - TN91 to US 321 (Shady Valley to Hampton TN/Watauga Lake) SOBO

05-24-2016, 22:37
Continuing my AT hiking, trying to finish NC and TN from Damascus to I-40 by the end of the year.

20 miles from TN91 (Cross Mountain) near Shady Valley, to Hampton TN US 321 around Watauga Lake, over the dam, and through 4 miles of bear area. Didn't go quite as planned, but my new Tie-Dyed Hammeck Netty was FREAKING AWESOME! Never again into my old, too short cramped Hennessy (hey my fault, Hennessy is a good hammock, but I should have bought the long version). Definitely loving the side zips and easy access in and out, plus my tie-dye fabric just rocks the woods.

LOTS of rain and mud mud mud.

Video and long description here: