View Full Version : North Country Trail / Manistee River Tail Loop : Parking Help Needed!

05-25-2016, 22:58
I am taking a small group of teenagers up here (7 total in our group). In the past, I have taken them up to the suspension bridge area and parked our van. We then walk south to the campground near red bride and circle back north on the Manistee River Trail, ending just past the suspension bridge at our vehicle.

Last year, that are was marked no parking, so we had to "stash" our van in the woods down the road. I was so stressed thinking it would be impounded.

Is there a location on that north end where my van can be legally parked?

Yes, I know it could be parked at the south end; howeer, we are trying to do it at the north end as we usually drop a vehicle at the campground with a cooler to offer the kids a refreshing treat on the way around.

Odd Man Out
05-25-2016, 23:27
I parked at the south end. But the brochure says there are trail heads with parking on beers road (Marilla trailhead) and at Seaton creek campground. These are both marked as fee areas so you would probably need to pay for a permit. There will be some extra hiking on spurs to get to the loop. I would call the NF office to get up to date info.

05-27-2016, 07:09
There is Marilla Trailhead which costs $5 a night, but its about a mile walk down a well marked trail to get to the NCT. Otherwise, I like to park off of Upper River Rd. Its on the NCT side, just turn onto Hodenpyl Dam Rd., (about a half mile before the Marilla TH), then turn right on Upper River Rd. Take this down a short ways and there will be a small parking lot on the right. I love this Hike. Have fun!!

05-27-2016, 22:18
... parking on beers road (Marilla trailhead) and at Seaton creek campground. .... fee areas ... extra hiking ...to get to the loop. ...

,,,, Marilla Trailhead which costs $5 a night,.... a mile walk d.... Otherwise, ...park off of Upper River Rd. Its on the NCT side, just turn onto Hodenpyl Dam Rd.,.....!

Odd Man and WestMich (funny thing is that I use WestMich on another hiking forum...): Thank you for this advice! I will check out the options this weekend, and I am confident that I can find a place to park- based on your advise -where I am not stressed about my car being impounded! THANK YOU!!!!!

06-10-2016, 20:54
Here are a few more options: Starting from what WestMich said, going NE from Marilla TH downhill to Hodenpyl Dam Road just around the corner there is a small parking area, a Trail Access. I often drive on in and park farther back at a turn around. I also often follow Upper River Roar farther south about 5 miles south of Hodenpyl Dam Road to FR 8020 and park about 50 feet off the trail. Woodpecker Creek area is popular with canoe people but is signed No Overnight Parking by Consumers Energy. It is hard to tell in that area when you are in the National Forest and when you are on Consumers land.

06-11-2016, 01:21
The parking area west of the suspension bridge is NOT marked "no parking" this year! We parked there among a few other vehicles last weekend and had a GREAT hike! Thank you to all who responded! If it is marked in the future, I know where to go!