View Full Version : Cell service approaching Cosby Knob shelter?

05-26-2016, 21:46
Anybody notice cell service there or somewhere along the way NOBO? (I can send pics from Newfound Gap, even though I have AT&T, so presumably can make a call from there.)

05-26-2016, 23:48
You just never know when you're on a ridge line in GSMNP. You might get a signal, you might not.
Weird example... I was in the area of Laural Gap shelter two weeks ago. At the shelter, there is no signal. If you climb the trail back to the intersection near the top, I was getting 4G coverage and could send/receive email. Even though I have 4G data coverage, I didn't have enough of a "cell phone" coverage to get a text message out.

05-27-2016, 08:34
Thanks. I've hiked parts of the AT through the park, but my phone is always safely stashed.

Hikes in Rain
05-27-2016, 09:18
When I went through that area some years back, I did manage to get a call out to my wife for a few minutes, and then the signal faded away. We were both surprised; had planned on her not hearing from me that night. It's really hit or miss.

05-27-2016, 10:59
I guess I can go this weekend and check it out for myself. It's convenient for me to some trails on the NC side, but I'd like to save at least some of the AT until my section hike.

05-27-2016, 13:13
It just occurred to me... on that same trip I mentioned about Laural Gap Shelter, I started at the Cosby Campground. From what I recall, when I got to the intersection with the AT at Low Gap (about 1 mile past the shelter if NOBO), there was a pretty good group of day-hikers. One of them was doing something with their phone at the gap. So depending upon your carrier, there might be a good chance at getting a signal while your on the ridge once you pass Snake Den trail.

The shelter itself is on the "back" side of the mountain, so I don't suspect you'll be able to get a signal there regardless of your cell phone carrier.

Another likely place to get a signal in the area is if you take the recommended side trail to Mt Cammerer.

05-27-2016, 14:48
Thanks! I think I might check it out, actually. (The only reason its so important is that I'm supposed to call a hostel to confirm reservations.)

05-28-2016, 08:22
Not sure about AT&T but I have gotten Verizon and Sprint signals at Cosby Knob. The high before the shelter, about a half mile north of the Shelter. There is a somewhat obscured view of the town of Cosby and probably a cell tower near Newport. If you miss that then there is a more spotty chance of signal near the privy at Cosby Shelter. North of that a possible but sketchy signal may be at Inadu Knob , looking toward the Carolina side.

JumpMaster Blaster
05-28-2016, 08:38
My phone was in airplane mode most of the time, but I do recall having Verizon service somewhere between the Snake Den Ridge Ridge Trail and Cosby Knob, enough to get a call out. I had good service at Mt Cammerer as well, enough to send a call & send/receive a text message.

05-30-2016, 20:48
Thanks for the intel. I went through Low Gap today and had 4G service. I sent an MMS and made a phone call. That or somewhere after Snake Den Ridge should be good enough!