View Full Version : Late July Hike

05-30-2016, 18:51
Thinking about a late July hike on the AT from the I-40 intersection north as far as I get. Something like 6 or 7 nights. How bad is the heat/humidity that time of year? I am a Floridian and don't mind hot and humid but if it doesn't cool off at night it can be a bit much. I would fly into Asheville and get a shuttle to wherever my starting point would be. My wife would then pick me up when done. Any other ~100 mile start/stop suggestions in this vicinity would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


05-30-2016, 21:16
I live in G'burg and hiked and ran all through the summer at various elevations. You acclimate pretty well, it wasn't a problem. You'll get hot and sweaty but so what? Keep clean, wash your clothes, and you'll be fine. It's humid here all year, but it's better when it's warm. (During the winter here I think about moving to Florida, but I used to scuba dive when I had more money and time.) It cools off enough at night for me when I sit outside at night, but I'm not sure how cold you like it.

Good luck with your hike.