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01-28-2003, 21:32
This may be a silly question and I should know better. But I have ALWAYS worn sock liners under my hiking socks. Sunday I went for a day hike with my wife and I decided to try to go without them ( taking a page from Sgt Rocks book that any hike can be used to shake down gear ;) ) I was so surprised to find that my feet were so much more comfortable without the liners than with. My boots are SUPER comfortable to me ( Asolo GTX95) but this is the first time my feet were not tired and sore. Although this was with a small daypack we did hike around 6 miles which took us up a mountain twice and down an icy power line trail once.

So... does anyone else go without liners and should I be more concerned in the summer months for blisters?

Thanks! Sparky

Hammock Hanger
01-28-2003, 21:56
I found I got more blisters with the liners then w/o. Alot of the newer socks out there are made to be wore w/o liners, unlike the old 100% wool types. Hammock Hanger

01-28-2003, 22:08
It depends on what shoes/boots im wearing. With some shoes ,like my light hiking shoes I dont usually need liners ,but with heavier boots or shoes that dont fit quite right I prefer to use liners. Actually ive had much better luck with nylon dress socks !! First time I bought liners ,the one got a major run right up the side the first time I tried to put em on. Streamweaver

01-29-2003, 08:48
It's a matter of how well your boots fit, and how well your feet are conditioned.

I usually start a long distance hike with liners, but discard them after a few weeks when my feet are well conditioned.

By the way, some footwear experts recommend liner socks, some do not.

Bad Ass Turtle
01-29-2003, 18:16
I used to always use liners with wool socks. When I switched over to Smartwool, I stopped using liners. Much less fuss, and my feet were still happy . . .


01-29-2003, 20:20
I normally hike without liners... but this winter I tried them on a few hikes with my wool socks. I too have only gotten blisters when wearing the liners so I'm not using them anymore.

Another convert to Smartwool!

-- Ivy

Team GAK
01-29-2003, 20:28
Does anyone out there know the melting temperature for sock liners. We ruined ours in some of the dryers on our thru-hike. I think it was by CT that we finally ran out of liners and hiked the rest of the trip liner-less. Even today we still hike without liners.

01-30-2003, 13:54
I have a pair of "wickers", as I call them Wickers for Dummies because the tell you which sock is for which foot... LOL I am looking at getting some Thorlos that I hears so much about and I think I am going to keep on walking by the liner socks. I thought I was kooky for not wearing them but that is why this site is so great.... Lots of experience and knowledge!