View Full Version : Stop Black Flies From Biting

Sheriff Cougar
06-12-2016, 14:01
I live on the Northeast Cape Fear River in southeastern NC. The black flies/deer flies can be brutal here. I ran into a neighbor the other day on a walkabout. He was wearing a white Pith hat. It was a really cheap one and very lightweight. It was smeared with a gooey substance that looked like honey. It was also spattered with black flies. He said he wears it to keep the black/deer flies from biting him and it works wonderfully. The coating was actually Tree Tanglefoot. He bought it at a local hardware store, buttered his hat with it and wears it when he goes into the woods during black fly season and has never been bitten. I did some research and found this:


Apparently you can put this product on anything you choose to wear as long as you keep it out of your hair and off your skin. Found photos of it on plastic cups, plastic flower pots, etc. that have been attached to ball caps, etc. on a persons head. Anyway, I have not tried it but have seen proof that it works and maybe something you can use to keep the biting flies away.

06-12-2016, 14:13
Tree Tanglefoot can get on everything not so easily removed either without damage. It has a off smell to it too IMO. I'd be careful not getting it on anything. Could be OK for day hikes.