View Full Version : Harpers to Waynesboro advice needed

06-15-2016, 16:05
Hi all!

Well, the big 3-0 is upon me this year and I want to do something memorable. I have about two weeks, including travel time. I was looking at doing Harpers Ferry to Waynesboro around the middle of August or early September. I live in the flatlands and don't get to the mountains much so my pace isn't anything to write home about but I'm in good shape already and will be doing significant training before then.

The thing is, I want to take my time, within reason. I'd like to check out some side trails and see Old Rag. My research has shown that people average about six to eight days covering the park. Does this seem accurate?

Also, what can I expect for crowds during this time frame? Will I miss the thru bubble and the leaf watchers?

I'm coming from Florida so I'm also trying to figure out if it would be better to take the Amtrak to HF or the Greyhound to WB or if it would be quicker/easier/cheaper to just drive up, stash my car at one end and get a ride back to the car after I'm finished.

06-15-2016, 17:36
I don't have the trail beta in front of me but if you head south you would have roughly 50 miles under your belt when you enter the park. Take a rest day in Front Royal and you should definitely make it to Rockfish Gap in 6-8 days. That said, it is going to be hot that time of year so be sure to check the weather and water reports and take an afternoon nap or long break if needed. Sorry I can't help on transportation as I live in the area and drive to these locations. Overall it is a great section and you will be before the leaf peepers and after the NOBOs so the crowds won't be bad.

06-15-2016, 18:07
I would take the train to DC and then the connector train to HF, Spend the night at the Tea Horse Hostel and then hike south. You should be able to do 10 mpd no problem. The Bears Den has limited re-supply. You can easily hitch into Front Royal or that little town right before it or walk into that town from the side trail at Molly Denton Shelter. Full re-supply at Elkwallow Wayside at the north end of the SNP, the re-up at Big Meadows Wayside/store and then Loft Mountain Campground store.