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06-17-2016, 18:49
I just picked up a LightHeart Solong 6. I have not yet backpacked with it, but it looks great and is easy to set up. And it is 1/2 the weight of my previous tent.

For those of you that have this or similar tents with a ridge pole, How do you pack this in your backpack. It also has a carbon fiber awning pole folded in thirds. they show how to fold up the tent on their videos, but then do you just put awning pole and ridge pole in the bag with the tent? Do you store them separately? do you wrap them in the middle as you roll up the tent? I also have a Tyvek footprint that I was thinking I would roll up and put in the tent bag also.

Generally since tents can be damp, I strap my tent outside, but could put in inside maybe. This is a lot smaller than my old tent. Not sure if lashing it onto outside would harm carbon fiber pole or ridge pole?

What do you do if you have a tent like this?

06-17-2016, 19:49

Do NOT put the awning pole in the stuff sack with the tent, the edges of the pole can be sharp enough to cut the fabric. Personally, I store the awning pole in the sleeve for my water bladder. A lot of people leave the ridge pole velcroed inside the tent - it doesn't matter - you can roll the tent up with the pole, or put the ridge pole in the stuff sack after you have stuffed the tent, or store it separately. I generally roll it up in the tent.
Judy - LightHeart Gear

06-17-2016, 20:29
Thank you Judy for the quick answer. I had not thought about how that could be sharp and cut the tent.

06-18-2016, 09:06
I made a skinny bag out of a fed ex tyvek envelope for my awning pole. Tent pegs go in it too.

06-18-2016, 09:47
I usually wrap all the rigid and/or sharp stuff together and put them in one place, and then put the soft, compressible stuff in another.

The stakes and ridgepole get fastened together with a hair tie (I find an endless supply of them on the trail and in parking lots) and go in an outside pocket of my pack. (Depending on what sort of pack you have, this can be secure, or not so much. You definitely don't want to lose these.)

The tent gets wadded up and goes inside the pack if its dry, and in the outside mesh pocket if its wet.

07-16-2016, 17:07
I find it's easier to fold and roll up without ridge pole. After tent in the stuff sack I slide the ridge pole in the stuff sack. The awning pole I have is an old cf Easton tent pole that's 2 piece. Simply slide in pack against the stay in my circuit or gorilla. I use a compactor bag as liner, the tent in stuff sack goes vertically in pack outside compactor bag. To long to go horizontally in pack

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07-17-2016, 01:26
I tri-fold the tent (as per the instructional video by Lightheart) and place it into the stuff sack that came with it, then I place the stakes (in a sack) and the awning pole in the center of the rolled up tent. Never had an issue or feared it would tear the tent doing it this way. I like everything in one place.

John M
07-19-2016, 08:45
Good info. Just got back from my first trip with my Solong and was doing exactly what Judy said not to do (putting awning pole in stuff sack with tent. I keep my stakes in a Zpacks stake bag and was stuffing the stakes, awning pole, and ridge pole into the stuff sack after stuffing the tent in. Next time I'll do what she suggested and put the awning pole into my hydration pocket since it goes unused. Might put the stakes and ridge pole in there also so I can compress the tent easier.