View Full Version : Dedicated tarp poles?

06-19-2016, 18:57
Anyone use anything other than trekking poles to put up a mid? I have a really shweet usable UL pultruded dedicated CF pole from ZP to use with a .75 cuben fiber 2016 MLD Solomid. My concern is the point force the end of the single .450" CF tarp pole has on the apex. MLD does reinforce the apex but I'm wondering what others may use to spread out the force of the pole on the apex. I'm thinking about using a small piece(circle) of rather dense CCF or an unused double overered sock at the pole tip. What have others used?

06-19-2016, 21:07
I had a pole once, came secondhand with tarp. Just had vinyl cap on pole. I never used it, used trek pole handle up. My current shelters ( hexamid, deschutes) have so much reinforcement there they wouldnt worry me if pole wasnt sharp

Use a couple more layers of self adhesive 1.4 cuben might work

06-19-2016, 22:04
Crutch/cane tip. Hard surface tips for trekking poles. Perhaps in addition to your soft material ideas.


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